Artsana Chicco USA Patents

Artsana USA Inc. (Chicco) is an innovative and leading provider of Baby Gear and Juvenile Products. Chicco Products can be found on-line and in many retail locations throughout the country.

The products listed below contain patents held by Artsana USA Inc.

This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).



Keyfit / Keyfit 30 / Keyfit Base: 8,864,166B2; 7,597,396B2; 8,056,975C1; 8,915,547B2; D653,885S; 8,393,679B2

Cortina Stroller: 8,864,166B2; 7,686,322B2; 8,262,124B2

Cortina Magic: 7,686,322B2; D651,140S

KidFit: 7,597,396B2; 8,056,975C1

Liteway Plus: 8,240,700B2; 9,114,820B1

Tre: D687,352S; Patent Pending

Activ3: D687,352S

Cortina Together: 8,186,705 B2; D636,300S; D651,140S

Lullaby Magic: D666,848S; 8,544,125B2

Trevi / Neuvo: 7,621,431B2; 8,100,429B2; 8,382,127B2

Keyfit Caddy: D651,140S

NextFit: 8,973,884B1

Bravo Stroller: 8,991,854, B2

Stroller Restraint Buckle (various models): 8,991,867, B2

Play Yard Accessory: 9,066,607 B1

Lullaby Magic, Lullaby Baby, Lullaby Dream Bassinet: 9,113,723B2

Lullago: Patent Pending

Stack High Chair: Patent Pending