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NaturalFit Stages Gift Set

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• For easy transition between breast and bottle!

• Stage 1 Newborn Flow Bottles. Unique angled nipple with a wider, rounded base encourages proper neck positioning for baby, and always stays full of milk, reducing air intake

• Stage 2 Adjustable Flow Bottle. Upright straight nipple replaces the Stage 1 angled nipple to adapt to the baby's change in feeding position

• Stage 3 Fast Flow Bottle. The tip of the Stage 3 nipple is elongated and elastic, to adapt to baby's muscle development and it encourages correct swallowing as baby's sucking pattern matures

• 2-in-1 Bottle Brush. Handle contains nipple brush. Easy-grip handle

• Includes: 1 Stage 1 5 oz Bottle, 1 Stage 2 8 oz. Bottle, 1 Stage 3 11 oz. Bottle and 1 Bottle and Nipple Brush

• Ergonomically designed bottle is easy to hold, and the wider mouth allows for convenient filling and cleaning

• Angled newborn and medium flow nipples - encourage proper neck positioning for newborns, always stay full of milk reducing air intake, soft silicone is easy for baby to latch onto

• Adjustable flow nipple - flow can be adjusted for baby's needs (slow, medium or fast), ideal for growing appetites

• Elongated nipple, fast flow. Supports baby's mature sucking pattern. Less rounded base for tighter lip support to help baby's sucking motion. Encourages correct swallowing

• Soft silicone is easy for baby to latch onto

• Flexors at the base of the nipple enhance elasticity

• Twin anti-colic valves prevent air ingestion, gas and spit-up


A great introductory set.

Created to meet the developing feeding skills of your new baby and for easy transition between breast and bottle, the Chicco NaturalFit “3 Stage Feeding System Gift Set” provides ergonomic bottles and nipples that support your baby's changing needs. It includes all three stages in the NaturalFit® Advanced Feeding System – plus a bottle and nipple brush. The Chicco bottle and pacifier system has been engineered to be responsive to the changing feeding styles of babies.

Happy babies, happier world! With 50+ years of baby expertise, the researchers at Chicco's Happiness Lab collaborate with experts in childhood development to create products that feed the needs of babies and parents. As the world's favourite baby care brand, Chicco takes the happiness of children seriously.